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LiveScript is a method created by Mark Bailey that allows a website to update the page being viewed with new information without the need to refresh the page. It also allows media to continue playing while you browse this website.

If LiveScript is available then an icon similar to the large image displayed here will appear on the page. If LiveScript is unavailable then a still icon will be displayed.

When the circle reaches the top of the "L" of the LS icon (every 10 seconds) the page will check if new information is available. If it finds any new messages, images or media it will change the page with the new information displayed.

The LiveScript function can be stopped and restarted by either clicking on the icon or by clicking on an input box.

Accessibility: LiveScript also increases accessibility of a website as the focus does not move from an object when a page changes. To understand this try using the "TAB" and "ENTER" keys to move through the menu.

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