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Indus Valley history

A website to explore the ancient civilisations of the Indus Valley


Thanks to Corel for the use of the "Dragonfly" border featured in Corel Gallery 2. Altered by Mark Bailey.

Related information on Chakras, modern Physics and the nature of matter.

A closely related website with plenty of relavent information!

Closely related book by Fritjof Capra (printed 1975)

A link drawing attention to an inspiring book called the Tao of Physics which closely explores the paralells between ancient Eastern mysticism, and recent revelations in Atomic and Quantum Physics.

Ancient evidence of reseach into the 'Rainbow Body' from the Chinese Tao.

A link to our past. Showing how religious thinking reverberating from the rainbow/person comparison floated off down the indus river with the passage of goods and bussling end up in China, giving birth to the Chinese Tao.

Introduction to holistic permaculture.

An introduction to basic principles of holistic permaculture and working 'as one' with nature.

Holistic permaculture.

Related website detailing new approaches to working more closely with nature.

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