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This website seeks to remind us of the earliest light studies that inspired so many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions around the globe. As well as put these discoveries into context with modern scientific research.

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We live in a world where division, boundaries and separation are very easy to notice. Where the possibility of an already existing connection between one human being and another is rarely considered.

'Limbs are cherished because they are parts of the body; why then are people not cherished if they are parts of humanity?'


There is a surprisingly large wealth of evidence to suggest that LIGHT REFRACTION AND RAINBOW SCIENCE were a highly influential tool used by early humans to achieve a clearer comprehension of our inner-nature and make better sense of the world around them. Such societies appear to date back to at least 5000 - 60,000 YEARS AGO.

By examining the many subtle qualities of light as it passes through water/crystal to translate the language of the rainbow, our distant ancestors arrived at many thought provoking conclusions.

Many striking similarities were spotted between the characteristics of RAINBOWS and those of HUMAN BEINGS, for example, each rainbow is always unique, and so is each person, animal, insect, plant, etc

As we project imagery while we dream at night and our mind plays with endless images during our waking hours, ancient civilisations saw an interesting opportunity to learn much more about our MIND, by simply comparing it to a CRYSTAL. Indicating that our mind could be precisely what separates us, as well as what binds us all back together; just as a crystal does rainbows.



A large proportion of the spiritual secrets discovered by our distant ancestors have clearly fallen victim to many forms of natural disaster, as well as a steady stream of violent oppression. Catastrophic floods for example literally washed away entire civilisations and with it all their spiritual heritage. Showing how mankind has suffered many serious setbacks, losing vital information upon the topic of LIGHT, MIND and SELF-KNOWLEDGE on many different occasions.

However, the magnificent efforts made by early light-workers have still left behind many clues that have survived to the present day. And very consistently all the evidence points to THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT as being the most likely source of inspiration for what we call "Ancient Eastern Mysticism".

* Initially ancient civilisations noticed that no two rainbows are the same. All rainbows are broadly similar to each other while each one is unique.

* When sun shines on a crystal and it gently turns in the breeze, an extraordinary 'WHEEL OF BIRTH AND DEATH' is created. Baby rainbows are born on one side of the screen (as the crystal rotates) and reach there PRIME in the middle (where differences are most accentuated), then begin shrinking, and die/disappear on the other side of the screen.

* Notably the rainbows have no control over their birth or death in much the same way people don't.

* The turning of a crystal causes a constant state of transformation and evolution on the screen. Both for rainbows and people, there is CONSTANT CHANGE and a perpetual state of flux on the surface of our lives.

* The basis of this CONSTANT CHANGE was cited as DUALITY. The MALE and FEMALE. As a pendulum swings to and fro. Change may only happen between 2 opposite poles. The splitting of a singular source into 2 halves (male and female) is depicted by the ancient YIN-YANG symbol from China for example.

* Further clues about our minds ability to project images related to our day-time waking hours, and not just our sleeping and dream-time. For example: a person jumps back in alarm at seeing a snake, only to find it was a piece of rope. Showing we colour the outlines that enter our eyes AFTER they have entered our eyes, in much the same way a child will colour the outlines of a colouring book. Thus the snake that was actually just a piece of rope existed only in our mind where it was created, not in the outside world as first presumed. This process of projection during our waking hours shows our mind is busy projecting imagery, both day and night, every moment of our mortal existence.

The significance of the number SEVEN:

-seven days in a week,
-seven colours in a rainbow,
-seven points of space (the six sides plus the point in the middle of the dice).
-Abundant 'seven' references are also to be found in ancient scriptures which all appear to highly revere this sacred number.

* Such observations regarding the numerous and close similarities between the life of a rainbow, and that of a human being, naturally led to the first RAINBOW - HUMAN COMPARISON

Which in turn gifted us with a much clearer insight into our deeper layers, and our connection to a COMMON SOURCE for all life.

Regardless of our labels, names and categories, such an understanding increased mutual respect, harmony and productivity, and decreased friction. Allowing people to work together much more efficiently, instead, of perpetually working against each other in a state of ignorance. Helping to remind us that 'united we stand and divided we fall'!

The reality is we are living in a world heading rapidly toward self-destruction, climate catastrophe, increasing sectarian violence, nuclear war, and the increasing pollution of food, air and water. If we wish to avert these rapidly approaching menaces, the onus falls on humanity to unite.

Ancient Eastern Mysticism arrived at the concept of SEVEN CHAKRAS (that correspond to the seven points that align our body from the groin to the head) by literally sliding a rainbow over the human body!

Suggesting that our 'naked eye' only picks up the tiniest fraction of what is actually occurring around us. Indicating our eyes have a very limited range of perception and were certainly never designed to tell us 'the whole picture'. Inferring that to 'see beneath the surface' we need to awaken higher senses, and that we certainly have higher senses that are already waiting to be 'switched -on'.

DNA crystal

DNA crystal

Science has recently discovered our DNA has all the same properties of a CRYSTAL.

In fact DNA is the ONLY organic compound in nature to display these unusual CRYSTAL-LIKE qualities.

DNA is comprised of a MALE STRAND entwined by a FEMALE STRAND, to form a molecular shape similar to a twisted step-ladder. While the unique sequence of coding along these strands holds the original GENETIC BLUEPRINT for the formation of the physical form.

The same "basic backbone" of DNA is shared by all life on earth, by all plants and all animals, while what makes us different are the infinite combinations of molecular coding sequences.

Given the fact we exhale the same gases that a tree inhales (carbon dioxide), and we inhale what a tree exhales (oxygen) means it should come as no great surprise that we share the same fundamental backbone of DNA as a tree! Indeed the whole earth works as one organism comprised of trillions of parts, just as our body is one organism comprised of trillions of cells. All these parts of Mother Earth share the same crystal-DNA, just as rainbows share the same crystal that helped create their identity.

A rainbow is very similar to a human being in this respect: first conceived inside a crystal before it later manifests itself in all its glory upon the screen.

Perhaps for this reason ancient people saw the first conception of a rainbow inside a crystal as the most precious gift from nature to us all that can highlight the existence AND nature of the SOUL. Clearly suggesting all people are "a soul", that may project itself into a physical form in order to dream, grow and evolve.

Science has now lent further backing to this theory by indicating the SOUL appears to have a very close relationship with our crystal-DNA. The abundant presence of light activity inside our DNA double helix has recently caught the attention of scientists worldwide:

* Dr. Leanard Horowitz won three Noble Laureates in Medicine during the 1990's by advancing research that showed only 3% of DNA's function was put aside for the manufacture of proteins, while the remaining 97% is devoted to a process he terms BIO-ACOUSTIC and BIO-ELECTRIC signalling. Inferring the most important and primary function of DNA lies in the transmission and reception of light energy waves (called photons), in order to orchestrate every reaction inside every living cell.

* According to the Russian scientist Dr. Popp, DNA recognises different molecules inside a cell by the frequencies of light they emit. Allowing us to communicate and exchange information with the surrounding environment, and other body cells. Inferring DNA is basically 'natures internet' used to share information.

* Scientists have also pointed out DNA is the most effective 'data storage medium' known to mankind, unparalleled by any other substance. Big business is now very busy patenting natures genetic material for use in computers of the future.

* Bio-physicists have also noted that DNA has intelligence, and have already successfully managed to use DNA to solve mathematical problems.

DNA enables us to dream, project imagery, remember information and use intelligence. It does literally everything, yet is rarely given much credit.

What is also of interest is the fact the light/magnetic activity inside the DNA coil 'switches off' when the body dies. Could this be the soul leaving the body?

THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL described by ancient mystics refers to the distinct possibility that the soul survives the death of our temporary physical forms and indeed many physical forms. Culminating in a naturally greater determination to 'decode the language of the rainbow' in many corners of the globe in order to learn more about the "Evolution Of The Soul" and its final destiny.

Just as a flower grows, or a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, the HUMAN SOUL was also seen as an integral part of natures evolving universe, beginning life as a seed and destined to flower.

The simple suggestion is that our soul is very possibly ancient in comparison to our brief physical appearances. And that just because our soul is so often neglected, does not necessarily mean it does not exist! C.S Lewis pointed out in one of his poems 'WE ARE A SOUL, WE HAVE A BODY'.

Accumulating evidence suggests THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL was studied in great depth for many thousands of years across many continents before much of this information was tragically lost, plundered, and replaced by modern religious sectarian based doctrines.

Everything Is Energy

Everything Is Energy

We are all standing directly in the middle of an energy explosion/projection at this precise moment, much like a rainbow. This has also been the discovery of modern day science: that energy explosion is indeed the intrinsic foundation to our entire universe from the Big-Bang theory and much more.

Scientists all agree solid matter is only comprised of 99.9999 % EMPTY SPACE, and WAVES/UNITS OF ENERGY. Meaning that inside the smallest known unit of matter, THE ATOM, there lies another universe. A mini-solar system of energy where nothing technically 'solid' exists. Just as steam is formless and only becomes visible when it cools and condenses, so energy also is formless and may condense to form what we perceive to be 'solid matter'. Matter is only LIGHT ENERGY CONDENSED TO A SLOWER VIBRATION, at which point the energy waves begin to gel together to assume a shape and form detected by our senses.

Science now boldly declares 'EVERYTHING IS ENERGY' when taken back to its roots. In its most raw form this energy is often referred to as simply 'light' or what scientists call THE ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM. Therefore the basic concepts of light projection and rainbow creation suddenly become far more important and relevant to our understanding of the universe than most people may at first presume.

Source Energy is now seen by scientists as the common origin of all (apparently solid) objects, of sound, of growth, of mind, of consciousness, of galaxies, and everything we experience in our daily lives. Meaning light may appear in many guises, with many different masks, yet beneath all these seemingly different phenomena, lies Source Energy.

The first close analysis of light refraction noted that when a singular source is split, such as sunlight, we have created the number 'TWO'. The next example of duality is highlighted by the fact each light projection consists of A SOURCE and A SCREEN/SURFACE.

Upon 'the screen' there is always separation and perpetual change, while 'the source' is always perfectly stable.

Indicating that behind duality, separation, and behind the prism we call mind, there lies a perfectly stable, independent and UNIFIED SOURCE.

We Are Extensions Of Source Energy!

We Are Extensions Of Source Energy!

The first ramifications of the RAINBOW - HUMAN BEING COMPARISON were to pull the lid on a vast treasure chest of information. Opening the door to a new science that was to shape the entire development of Eastern and world thinking for thousands of years to come. Making THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT the greatest source of spiritual inspiration to both ancient and modern civilisations for countless millennium.

Realising our source is beyond separation and therefore 'beyond words' the AUM (or OM) symbol was an ancient attempt to show recognition of our Source, without putting a word on it. So a small picture was designed.

Possibly the most significant discovery was that our COMMON SOURCE is the only piece of our universe (and ourselves) that is STABLE and BEYOND CHANGE. The only part of ourselves that we can truly trust, and the only part of ourselves that will never run away, break, or let us down. Ultimately revealing our real identity. WE ARE SOURCE ENERGY!

Each rainbow contains the source, just like every human being. Or in other words THE WORLD IS A MIRROR and everything we see outside is merely a reflection of the SOURCE that lies inside all of us.

Meaning each person contains THE WHOLE! As Jesus said...''as above, so within, so without''.

The AUM Symbol

The AUM Symbol

The AUM Symbol has been dated to as far back as 12000 YEARS AGO and very possibly far in excess of this figure, containing a very simple yet easily misinterpreted message:

- the source is INDEPENDENT of the splitting qualities of mind.

Meaning we should be very careful how we use the prism we call mind to view something that, by its very nature, is singular, and naturally BEYOND mind.

In order to experience what comes before mind we are encouraged to BECOME THE WITNESS. BECOME THE WATCHER...THE MIGHTY OBSERVER!

Or in other words, our mind is precisely the obstacle we must learn to transcend, conquer and drop, in order to experience our Common Source. Meaning that if we wish to experience something singular, something unified, the last thing we need is a tool (such as a crystal) that splits things up. Become The Witness!

The SOURCE, the MIDDLE, and the SCREEN are only life as seen THROUGH the mind. The true source of our universe therefore contains ALL these three aspects. How mind may be transcended was therefore the most studied feature of ancient spirituality. Suffice to say for the time being that the best way to conquer the mind, and climb to the summit, is to learn more about mind's nature. Much like a hiker needs a map of the territory he wishes to cross, if he wishes to do so successfully.

Thus the three tails of the symbol reveal the three levels of light explosion:

] one tail for the SOURCE,
] one tail for the heart of the explosion the SOUL,
] and one tail for the SCREEN.

The crescent moon and dot signify that the source is entirely INDEPENDENT from any splitting process.


Declaring the best word to use for our source is a 'pointing word'...if we wish to point to our source from the screen, not a 'label'. The best 'pointing word' they could find was the word: "THAT". Shown in this next verse translated from Sanskrit from the Indus Valley around 2,500 years ago.

That which is radiant, sutbler than the subtle,
That from which all worlds and their inhabitants are supplied,
That is the Indestructible...,
That alone is to be struck,
Strike It, my good friend!

Lastly it is worth noting that one of the most significant messages to come out of the study of rainbows was the IMPORTANCE OF NOT LABELLING OUR SOURCE.

Showing how words are great for life on the screen where we have separated pieces we can measure, calculate, and label; yet names become increasingly impotent when one attempts to label a wholly singular phenomenon.

The word EXPLOSION suggests that all boundaries, and all duality, ultimately dissolve if we go deep enough. United in this understanding of minds properties mankind is much more likely to live in greater harmony. As opposed to the terrible confusion and endless arguments over labels, groups and words we experience in the world today. Meaning no one is left to battle with his or her neighbor over which word is the right word, or the best word for religion or God etc etc etc! Peace.

The Truth Is The Light

The Truth Is The Light

A teacher is a light. Nothing more, nothing less. Able to ILLUMINATE subjects we were not able to previously see. Thus it is no coincidence that the world's best teachers have so often spoken about enLIGHTenment in all its various forms. For the light will help us to see. The light is the truth. The truth is the light. And the truth shall set us free!

Knowledge of how our mind operates allows us to use its extraordinary capabilities to our full advantage, as opposed to remaining indefinitely a slave to our own mind and its creations.

The emphasis here is focused strictly upon honesty, simplicity and clarity, so we can fully appreciate and learn to see for ourselves the critical difference between the TRUTH, and what we call a LIE.

Needless to say maybe, authorities have rarely shown much interest in everyday people learning 'the art of self empowerment' and making decisions for ourselves.

In view also of the far greater financial rewards that can be potentially made from keeping people crippled and dependant upon external support systems, the emphasis has always been upon dividing and ruling any population. And regularly leaching energy from the populous in exchange for doing the 'deeper thinking' for them.

Leaders have therefore rarely even acknowledged the existence of SELF KNOWLEDGE for fear of jeopardising their easy profits, power and control.

"Only believe what you experience. Do not believe just because wise men have said so, even if I have said so. Examine and see for yourself!"

Bhudda (500 BC)

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